Banks and Trust Companies

We build your program to fit your business needs recognizing how your brand is the most important thing.

  • As part of our offering, we provide comprehensive plan document support. We enable a deep level of flexibility and customization, while keeping your clients’ plan documents current and compliant with all regulations.
  • We offer 401(k), 403(b), MEP, Profit Sharing, Money Purchase, New Comparability, Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation and 457(b) document solutions to meet your clients’ needs.
  • Enrollment, education, and ongoing plan communications are supported by a variety of deliverables, from paper-based to electronic. We deliver the tools that help plan participants make informed, educated decisions.
  • Participant Statements.  Our participant statements are easy-to-read, informative pieces that provide participant information, account and investment fund activity. There are several options to choose from, including the SmartStatement with Account Activity, the SmartStatement with Fund Performance, and the participant SuperStatement. The SuperStatement differs from the SmartStatements in its ability to combine the account activity, plan specific fund performance information, and news articles in one document. Statements are delivered as electronic media via the participant account web site and the eStatement warehouse.
  • Participant Communications.  Initial enrollment, education, and ongoing plan communications are supported in a variety of deliverables, from paper-based to electronic.
  • SmartPlan.  Extend your reach digitally, with our SmartPlan offering.  We make available online, video based enrollment, plan and investment education, and risk profiling, to make your job as a trusted advisor more efficient and allow you to touch more participants. Once live participants can revisit the education modules and risk profiling at any time. SmartPlan also features targeted communications to drive increased participation and savings.
  • We deliver participant level recordkeeping, utilizing the latest online technologies. Through automated trading interfaces, our daily valuation, open-architecture trading environment, delivers expedited daily trade settlements. We do not offer proprietary investments, have no investment biases, and can work with your investment team to accommodate their individually designed model portfolios.
  • As a banking entity, your strategic decisions are critically important to the health of your institution. In addition to maintaining credit quality, you need to build non-interest income, improve margins and find cross-selling opportunities while cultivating customer loyalty.
  • Our flexibility allows you to outsource custody and paying agent services and eliminate the burden of employee benefit day to day administration and custodial services. The benefit to you is significant reduction of operational and administrative positions and a renewed focus of your human resources on cultivating customer loyalty and new business opportunities.
  • We recognize that your brand comes first. Your clients are buying you and we align our offering and deliverables around that concept. From the web experience, to mobile applications and reporting your brand and color scheme will prevail.
  • We are committed to providing the support, tools and resources that help our partners build their retirement plan business. Leverage our Marketing Team to arm you with branded sales materials and drip campaigns, keeping you fresh in the marketplace.

We provide annual plan testing to ensure that plans are in compliance with the law and other regulations surrounding retirement plans.

A dedicated compliance group oversees and coordinates the following tests at plan year-end as part of our services.  And we also provide a signature-ready form 5500.

  • Actual Deferral Percentage Test (ADP)
  • Actual Contribution Percentage Test (ACP)
  • 415 Annual Additions Limitation Test
  • 416 Top Heavy Test
  • 410(b) Minimum Coverage Test
  • 414(s) Compensation Test
  • 401(a)(4) General Non-Discrimination Test
  • We provide a written report stating the results of all compliance tests conducted and provide recommended resolutions for test failures.

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